• By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • July 26, 2017


Event Date :

For the month of February, in our monthly programme ‘Sharing Experiences’ , we had Dr Kamal Adhikari, Programme Director of Resources Himalaya Foundation. Dr Adhikari started his talks mentioning about his career preference as a field researcher.

Since Dr Adhikari has worked as a consultant botanist in various research projects including Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), he shared his field experiences gained throughout his surveys. Along this, he notified the audiences about the need and significance of Initial Environment Examination (IEE) and EIA for carrying out any developmental activities . Furthermore, he explained about the obstacles his team faced during ecological assessments of high valued plants in different parts of Nepal.He mentioned about the change in the status, utilization and exploitation of plant species from several decades among different ethnic groups.


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