Seminar on Air Pollution

  • By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • December 22, 2022

Seminar on Air Pollution

Event Held Date : 2022-12-16

Resources Himalaya Foundation and Environmental Graduates in Himalaya successfully organized a seminar on “Mobilizing Public Health and Technology for Urgent Action to Reverse Air Pollution in Nepal” on December 16, 2022. The seminar was led by Professor Dr. Rajesh Balakrishnan from University of Virginia, USA.The program was moderated by Dr. Nani Maiya Sujakhu, Research Fellow, RHF.

With the general introduction about the program by EGH coordinator, the program was handed over to the moderator who gave a brief introduction on the invited speaker, Dr Balakrishnan and handed over the platform to him. He started the talk by stating that the beauty of Nepal is degrading due to massive air pollution and it has impacted the tourism which directly affects the economy of the country, since Nepal earns a fair share from tourism. He further mentioned that to combat growing issues globally in air pollution and airborne pathogens, a group of researchers at the University of Virginia are developing a technology funded by the U.S. National Institutes. He highlighted that to sustain these technologies, three E’s are very important, which are Effectiveness, Efficiency and Equity.A part of the team is exploring piloting this technology for effectiveness in areas around Nepal where there are issues of high air pollution and respiratory infections.The piloting is to be carried out in Kathmandu Valley and Butwal which will be representatives of both valleys and lowlands. Lastly, he ended the talk by stating that this program by UVA group explores the challenges and innovation behind the development and testing of such a technology and creating pathways for involvement of aspiring researchers interested in addressing issues of environmental health in Nepal.After the talk, the seminar moved towards the discussion session where the participants indulged in active discussion with the invited speaker.Finally, Professor Dr. Dinesh Bhuju, Chair, RHF concluded the seminar with vote of thanks and concluding remarks.


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