Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum: Series 123

  • By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • October 10, 2023

Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum: Series 123

Event Date :

On October 6, 2023, EGH in collaboration with RHF hosted the 123rd installment of the Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum. The guest speaker, Ms. Sneha Shrestha, an ardent animal welfare advocate, highlighted the pressing issue of Nepal’s insufficient animal rights acts. She pointed out that the few existing laws are often not implemented and fall short of ensuring the well-being of animals. Ms. Shrestha has actively worked to improve live animal transportation conditions in Nepal. She also recounted her experiences in rescuing and rehabilitating various animals. She stressed the challenges in obtaining justice for animals who have suffered human cruelty, emphasizing that the penalties often don’t match the severity of the crime. She called for recognizing animals as sentient beings with emotions and feelings and raised concerns over animal cruelty in traditional festivals like Gadhimai and Deopokhari. Ms. Shrestha voiced her belief that animals aren’t voiceless; rather, humans need to make an effort to understand them better. In conclusion, she advocated for not just the establishment of animal welfare acts, but also their strict enforcement, integrating animal welfare into school curriculums, and ensuring community care for animals. The program concluded with a heartful vote of thanks from our Program Manager, Ms. Archana Singh.


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