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  • July 10, 2018


Event Date : 2018-04-13

For  the  73rd series of PYCF, we had  invited  Mr Kishor Maharjan,  Head  of Department,   Tri-Chandra Multiple  Campus, Environmental Science Department. The program started with  a welcome note by Ms Bandana Adhikari, EGH  Coordinator  and continued by the brief introduction  of  all present  in  the  program  and  introduction  of  speaker.  Mr Maharjan  had  his presentation on the topic entitled “Vermicomposting: A Solution for Organic Waste Management”. He started his presentation by giving a brief introduction about vermicomposting and highlighted the importance of vermicomposting. He said that waste is hidden resource and we should take waste as a  source of  income. He  further  added that  vermicomposting is ecofriendly which  can  be  done  using  the  simple  technology. He  disseminated  that  vermicomposting   helps in   the reduction   and management of organic waste at the source by providing people with assisting people financially. He emphasized the process of preparation of vermicomposting and the characteristics of compost making worm. He concluded with the challenges and precautions need to be followed during the preparation of vermicompost. The program ended with closing remarks and vote of thanks by Mr Biraj Shrestha, Research Officer of Resources Himalaya Foundation and handed token of love to our guest speaker.

Total Participants: 15


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