• By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • July 10, 2018


Event Date : 2018-03-9

For the 72nd series of PYCF, we had invited Mr. Manoj Aryal,  Environmental  Inspector, Department of Roads.  The program started with the introduction of new EGH Coordinator by Ms Binita Pandey, Technical  Reviewer  and handed the  program to new Coordinator. The program was then continued by the brief introduction of all present in the program and introduction of speaker by Ms  Bandana  Adhikari,  EGH  Coordinator. Mr.  Aryal had his presentation  on the topic entitled “Environmental Assessment in Road Sector of Nepal”. He  started  his  presentation by  giving brief  introduction  about EIA  (Environmental Impact Assessment) and IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) and highlighted the main works of Geo-Environment and Social Unit. He further added the process and legal and scientific requirements for conducting EIA and IEE and said that final approval of EIA and IEE is done by Ministry of Forest and Environment. He also discussed about the gaps in Environmental Assessment of roads and bridge sector in Nepal and told that those gaps can be opportunities as well. Lastly, he concluded that EIA is the best tool to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. The program ended with closing remarks and vote of thanks by Dr. Dinesh Raj Bhuju, General Secretary of Resources Himalaya Foundation and handed token of love to our guest speaker and welcomed new EGH Coordinator.

Total Participants: 21


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