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  • January 2, 2018


Event Date :

For the month of November in our monthly programme, ‘Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum’, series LXVIII we had invited a very enthusiastic and diligent wildlife conservationist who is known for his work in Herpetofauna Mr Kul B Thapa, Research Officer from Himalayan Nature. The program started with the welcome note and brief introduction of the speaker by Mr Saroj Basnet, EGH coordinator. Mr Thapa had his presentation on title, “King Cobra: Present, past and future of the majestic snake species in Nepal”. He began his presentation with the taxonomical characteristics of the majestic snake species, “King Cobra” along with the feeding ecology, reproduction and defense mechanism. Through his presentation, he briefly described about the lethal dose, venom amount along with the types of antivenom to treat king cobra envenomations. Lastly, he elucidated the talk with threats; the species are facing along with the conservation status in national and international level.

In the same program we had Mr Mahendra Katila, President of Snake Conservation Society and one of the passionate snake rescuers especially majestic species “King Cobra” and he also shared his experiences.

The program ended with closing remarks from Prof Dr Tej Bahadur Thapa, from Central Department of Zoology, TU and Board member of Resources Himalaya Foundation. He handed a token of appreciation to our guest speaker and token of love to the guest who came all the way from Pokhara to attend the programme Mr. Mahendra Katila.


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