• By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • October 17, 2017


Event Date :

For the 64th series of PYCF, we had invited Dr Bharat Babu Pradhan, Associate Professor in Central Department of Botany, Tribhuwan University. The program started with the welcome note and brief introduction of the speaker by Ms Binita Pandey, EGH coordinator. Dr Pradhan had his presentation on a title “Biological Invasion: Understanding Global Patterns to Address National Challenges”. He began his presentation addressing the biological invasion as an ecological explosion along with describing its different dispersal pathways. Through his presentation, he argued on all exotic species not to be invasive, but all invasive species to be exotic. He further explained the major impacts of biological invasion in biodiversity, ecosystem process and evolutionary processes. Lastly, he elucidated the invasion of alien species in national scenario, its major management options, major recommendations and current policy responses to the management of biological invasion.

Trainees of R Programming training organized from 4-10 July 2017 were with the certification of completion by Mr Prakash Chandra Aryal (“R” Instructor, CDES). The program ended with closing remarks by Dr Kamal Adhikari, the Director of Resources Himalaya Foundation who also handed a piece of love to our guest speaker.


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