• By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • July 26, 2017


Event Date :

Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH) had organized a nature hiking program “Let’s hop into the wild” on 7 January 2017 with the participation of eight active hikers from Taudaha to Champadevi hills. The hiking included several fun activities such as quiz contest and Lapsi gathering competition along the way as two teams were divided. About 25 species of birds and several types of vegetation were observed throughout the hiking. Since the aim of the hiking was to observe and express the observation, the representatives from each team shared their observation through presentation on 30 January 2017 at Dr Pralad Yonzon Memorial Conservation Chautari. The presentations were evaluated by Dr Kamal Adhikari, Programme Director of RHF and Mr Biraj Shrestha, Research Officer of RHF along with their inspiring verbal expressions towards the participants.


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