Guff Gaff with Mr. Latshering Glan Tamang, June 19, 2019

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  • June 19, 2019

Guff Gaff with Mr. Latshering Glan Tamang, June 19, 2019

Event Date :

For the month of June for the Guff- Gaff session we had invited Mr. Latshering Glan Tamang , editor at WAVE magazine, Annapurna Media Pvt. Ltd as our guest speaker who interacted with our young graduates on the topic “Working with the journalists for the conservation”. The programme was was started with the welcome and brief introduction of the speaker by Ms. Anjana Suwal, EGH coordinator.

Being a journalist Mr. Tamang shared his experiences and knowledges on the role of journalists on the environmental conservation. He interacted with the young graduates on the challenges about the media coverage on the current different environmental issues. He also pointed out the lack of environmental education of the journalists and the low coverage of the environmental issues on the media either it may be online, TV or newspaper. Nepal as being a politically unstable country now, there is a very small market to uplift the media coverage on the environment and conservation. He further added on the localization and proximity of the readers for the marketing of the environmental issues and also suggested the young graduates to write something on the environmental issues.


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