• By : resourceshimalaya.org
  • July 10, 2018


Event Date : 2018-03-21

For the monthly programme “GUFF-GAFF” of March,  we had invited  a very ambitious  and passionate person,  Ms Shristi Singh Shrestha, Project Manager of The Jane Goodall  Institute Nepal. The program started with the welcome note and brief introduction of the speaker  by Ms Bandana Adhikari,  EGH Coordinator. Ms Shrestha shared her experiences and  learning related to elephants and their role in conservation and the situation of captive  elephants in tourism.  She started her talk by highlighting the roles of elephants in maintaining the ecosystem and their importance and discussed about the major problem i.e. human-elephant conflict which is prevalent nowadays. She emphasized how the condition of the captive elephants is and requested everyone to discourage elephant ride. Overall, she focused on the welfare of captive elephants and advocated that the way they are treated needs to changed soon.

Total Participants: 27


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