A Brief Summary Report: Celebration of World Elephant Day

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  • August 16, 2023

A Brief Summary Report: Celebration of World Elephant Day

Event Held Date :

Event Date:  2023/08/11

Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) and Environmental Graduates in Himalaya (EGH) organized an outreach program on “ The Land Giants: Elephants” on August 11, 2023. The programme was conducted in the Radiant Readers’ Academy and the participants were the students from grade eight. Dr. Dinesh Neupane was the key presenter of the session and was moderated by Ms. Ganga Poudel, EGH Coordinator, RHF.

Initially the program was oriented to the students by Mr. Dev Raj Gelal, the Vice Principal of the school and then Ms. Poudel briefly introduced the presenter Dr. Dinesh Neupane and handed over the platform to him. He started the talk by stating his keen enthusiasm regarding elephants and their role in the environment. Further, he discussed on different types of elephants found in the world with their distinguishing characters. Also his illustration on how we human beings are becoming the major threats for the elephants in our society was remarkable. Illegal hunting and poaching for tusk, skin and fur, habitat fragmentation, electrocution are some of the threats to elephants. Eventually, humans are becoming more self- centered. We as the component of this ecosystem should be vigilant enough to pay heed to possible threats and move solemnly to save our planet. While adhering to the gentle practices of the ecosystem is a must, we are also answerable towards all kind of exploitation caused to the nature.

The presentation was then followed by the discussion session in which the students were seen proactively engaged in discussing their queries with Dr Neupane. The session then was wrapped up with the valuable concluding remarks of the Program Manager, Ms. Archana Singh and wished all the students for their glorious and bright future. She also thanked Mr. Jeevan Sapkota, the School Manager for providing the platform to our team to celebrate World Elephant Day with their students.



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