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Social Mobilizers Needed Urgently
  • Published date: August 11, 2017
  • closed date: August 18, 2017

Job description

Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF), Nepal is a partner NGO of CDM Smith International for providing Social Mobilizers in Kathmandu Valley. To assist in the USAID Nepal’s Reconstruction Engineering Services Project implementation, RHF Nepal announces the vacancy to recruit and provide two qualified and competent social mobilizers.

RHF is a nonprofit research organization dedicated for the well-being of the Himalaya and its people. Its competitive edge over others is its ability to deal with contemporary knowledge and issues connected with natural resources and livelihoods. Its main mission is to conserve biodiversity in the Himalaya, promote sustainable use of natural resources, and to improve livelihoods particularly of the poor, disadvantaged groups, women and marginal sections of society. RHF’s main motto is to promote ‘good science’ to facilitate ‘informed and evidence based decision-making’ to secure both biodiversity and resource conservation and work for sustainable development including social and environmental safeguards, Gender and Social Inclusion, and participatory development.

Social Mobilizer Summary Job Description:

  • work in a team of social mobilizers with project engineers and communities and others to prevent trouble or loss to local people and help construction be completed on schedule,
  • work in a project-defined, step-by-step process with each community,
  • work as a counterpart with engineers, strictly following the project protocols and Lines of Communication to avoid confusion of roles and responsibilities,
  • get to know the community and their School Management Committee (SMC) or Health Facility Operation and Maintenance Committee (HFOMC) to understand the dynamics, power structures and who might be especially vulnerable so their interests may be protected where possible,
  • visit the SMC or HFOMC and construction site at least one a week for discussion with committee members and counterpart engineers and hold regular meetings,
  • coordinate between and among different local levels of stakeholders such as the community, local government body, SMCs/HFOMCs, parents, teachers, health workers, health facilities users, CBOs, clubs and so on,
  • as needed, will carry out research, collect, analyze and report data and make regular written reports
  • report to the NRES Community Liaison Specialist,
  • Submit monthly activity report to NGO that also includes monthly time sheet of Social mobilizer/s
  • other duties as required.


Competencies Required:

  • have a clear understanding of participatory, bottom-up or user group approaches to development
  • have a track record of having mobilized communities and people, getting their involvement or participation in targeted activities,
  • indepth knowledge on the socio-cultural contexts of Nepal such as caste/ethnic issues, issues of indigneous groups, Janajatis and Dalits, issues of gender, marginalized groups, and others,
  • proven capability to handle mass meetings of different caste/ethnic and gender groups; and other meetings with SMCs/HFOMCs; local government bodies, school teachers, and community people. Prepare records/minutes of meetings,
  • be conflict sensitive and skilled in coordination with local representatives and community people to handle disputes and conflict,
  • abilities to work within a multi-disciplinary project (engineering, design, construction, GESI, environment, etc.) on a tight timeline,
  • fluency in written and spoken Nepali and English,
  • must be willing to travel, live and work in the field as required by the NRES.


Qualifications and Experience:

  • Must have at least a bachelor’s degree in sociology, anthropology, cultural, gender or population studies or similar subjects from a recognized university,
  • If bachelor’s degree in above subjects must have at least 7 years’ experience, with master’s degree must have at least 5 years experiences specifically in community participation/mobilization in construction project, social safeguards, community forestry or community development,
  • Qualified candidates from the project districts, who are fluent in the local languages and cultural practices, will be given highest preference. Applications from female candidates and members of indigenous and disadvantaged groups are highly encouraged.


Job Duration: Up to two years

Locations: Kathmandu Valley

How to Apply: Submit CV with a cover letter to:

RHF, Nepal and CDM Smith international reserve the right to reject or accept any application. Only the shortlisted candidates will be informed and invited for an interview. Telephone calls and emails are not entertained.


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