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Proposal Call on Building Science Chasing Corona Virus: AN ACTION RESEARCH

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Proposal Call

July 4, 2020,


As the world experiences the cascading effects of a new pandemic, people everywhere are afraid. Misinformation about COVID-19, particularly regarding its risk to the public, leads to greater uncertainty and fear. A great deal of the uncertainty about COVID-19 is linked to the misinformation that is circulating about it – particularly misrepresentations of risk to the public, who react more fearfully when kept from the facts.

Currently, almost 2.8 billion people, one-third of the world population, are under lockdown imposed to check the spread of corona virus. Unfortunately, the situation has increased incidents of poaching and timber smuggling as criminal networks exploit perceived opportunities of park closures, reduced patrols in protected areas, or the diversion of law enforcement resources to deal with COVID-19 issues.

In this regard, the Resources Himalaya Foundation (RHF) with the support of Nepal National Commission for UNESCO has called for proposals on the theme “Building Science Chasing Coronavirus”. This is to support young researchers and scientists to develop materials for public awareness and undertake study on lockdown impact on biodiversity, water resources and hydrological system. The objective of the action research project is to address the gaps in two major sectors in combatting COVID-19: 1) Science education, 2) Biodiversity and environment. The details of the thematic activities, audience and methods of action research would be as follow.

Send a short proposal by July 8, 2020 at

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