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To protect environment and biodiversity in the Himalaya by building knowledge-based human resources amongst graduates through research, training and mentorship. Established in February 2008 as a sister organization of Resources Himalaya Foundation, Environmental Graduates in the Himalaya (EGH) is an independent forum for all young graduates. With 472 members from Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Korea and United States of America, EGH has established itself as the active science-based youth forum in Nepal.

The membership is free and is open to the individuals who have bachelor’s degree in any discipline and who are currently enrolled in master’s degree program. EGH gets support fund from Resources Himalaya and other contributions from on-going EGH research projects.

EGH is led by its coordinator. All graduate members are also entitled to compete for nomination/election for the post of EGH coordinator. The EGH Coordinator Honour Roll includes: Mr Dhan B. Shrestha 2008; Mr Yogesh Dangol 2008; Mr Bhuwan Dhakal 2009; Ms Sangita Maharjan 2009; Ms Barsha Parajuli 2010; Ms Kanchan Ojha 2011; Mr Anuj Pradhan 2011; Mr Raju Jati 2012; Ms. Medinee Prajapati 2012; Mr. Biraj Shrestha 2013 and  Ms Anju Rana 2013; Ms. Upama K.C. 2014 and Ms Meena Bohara 2014 ; Mr Chitra Magar 2015 and Ms Kalpana KC 2015; Ms Ishu Sireng 2016 and Ms Rasmi Kunwar 2016-17, Ms Binita Pandey 2017, Mr Saroj Basnet 2017-18, Ms. Bandana Adhikari 2018, Ms. Varsha Rai 2018-19, Ms. Anjana Suwal 2019, Ms. Juna Rai 2019, Ms. Kanchan Kattel 2019-20, Ms. Sushila Bajracharya 2020-21, Ms. Sheila Ghimire 2021, Ms. Srijana Sigdel 2021-22, Ms. Saraswati Thapa Chettri 2022 (March-August), Ms. Garima Sharma Sep. 2022- Feb. 2023 and Ms. Ganga Poudel is the present Coordinator of this group.


EGH has been mentored by governing board members of RHF, led by Ms Patanjali Yonzon Shrestha (Treasurer), Dr Gauri Shankar Bhandari (Research Coordinator) and  Ms Archana Singh (Program Officer).

EGH Activities

EGH activities include:1) Training: reading topographic maps and geographic features in GIS; GPS/GIS/RS interface; digitize analogue data into digital form; analyze spatial features and interpretation and map output; 2) Database: Data acquisition, data entry, data transfer, query and interpretation; 3) Field ecology: campcraft and field gears; usage of GPS to locate and sketch habitat map; survey and sampling of wildlife habitats; identify plant species, prepare herbarium and analyze field data; and 4)MENTORSHIP: Day field trip; Seminars on concurrent environmental issues; Mentoring of fresh graduates by RHF governing board members.

Full Name Email Address     Expertise Comments
Ms Sangita Maharjan (2009) sangitamaharjan1@gmail.com Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Preparation of IEE/EMP of irrigation projects
Mr Bhuwan Dhakal (2009) bhuwandhakal@outlook.com Dallas, Texas, USA Human Wildlife Conflict; Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, Statistics, GIS https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Bhuwan_Dhakal
Ms Kanchan Ojha (2011) kanchanojha@gmail.com Corvallis, Oregon, USA Conducting Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys, Data analysis, Monitoring & Evaluation, Writing: Reports and Policy briefs on Environment, Conservation and Policy Issues.
Mr Raju Jati (2012) rajujati@gmail.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Resilient Village, Vulnerability Risk Assessment, Disaster Risk Reduction, Policy Advocacy, Social Mobilization, LAPA, LDRMP & LDCRP Preparation and Implementation, Proposal Development, Project Planning and Management
Ms Medinee Prajapati (2012) medineeprajapati@gmail.com Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur Master in Environment Science (Mountain Environment) and Working on Environment and Social Safeguard Issues.
Ms Anju Rana (2013) rana.anju55@gmail.com Sydney, Australia Wetlands, Climate Change, Ecosystem Metabolism
Ms Meena Bohara (2014) meena.bohara44@yahoo.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Ecology (Forest; Soil; Litter Decomposition; Plant and Soil Nutrient) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Meena_Bohara
Mr Biraj Shrestha (2014) thepristinewoods@gmail.com Nepal; Hetauda Wildlife Conservation and Management, Freshwater Biodiversity Research and Monitoring, IUCN Red List Assessment, Community Engagement; Environmental Policy, Road Ecology, Science Communication, and Project Management www.birajshrestha.com; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Biraj_Shrestha2
Ms Upama K C (2014) upama.kc7@gmail.com Edmonton, Canada Soil Microbial Ecology, DNA/RNA, qPCR, sequencing, PLFA, R, Biogeochemistry, Aquatic Ecology https://www.linkedin.com/in/upama-k-c-6269b377/?originalSubdomain=ca
Mr Chitra Magar (2015) ragam.magar@gmail.com Nepal, Morang Water Engineering, Biodiversity, SPSS, GIS, Invasive Alien Species This is the link for Rapid Environment Assessment (REA 2015) conducted by our team.
Ms Rasmi Kunwar (2016-17 kun.rashmi@gmail.com Norway, Oslo Ecology and Evolutionary Science
Ms Binita Pandey (2017) binita.p862@gmail.com Town Planning-8, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal  Entomology.  Research on Bumblebees and Honey bees in Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, Godawari Botanical Garden and Nagarkot Hill with the fund from Auckland Zoo https://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/news/whats-the-buzz-on-nepals-bumblebee
Ms Bandana Adhikari (2018) bandanaadhikari8@gmail.com Oslo, Norway  Master’s in Applied Ecology
Ms Anjana Suwal (2019) anjum.suwal@gmail.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Solid waste management including Hospital Waste Management
Climate Change: CDM projects

Write to: EGH Coordinator, Conservation Chautari, Naya Bato, Sanepa Ring Road.

Telephone: 01-5537502

Mail Us :  egh.resourceshimalaya@gmail.com

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