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Environmental Graduates in the Himalaya (EGH), was founded in 2008 as a sister organization of RHF. Functioning in close association with RHF, its primary objective is to provide a platform for capacity building, scientific exchange and advocacy for the next generation of environmental and conservation leaders. It actively complements RHF’s objectives and has become an active science-based youth forum in the field of environmental and conservation studies. EGH has a global network of over 1300 individuals, with members from Nepal, Australia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, India, China, Pakistan, Austria, Germany, Korea and America. Membership is open for individuals who have completed or are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies without any associated fees.

EGH Coordinators

The EGH Coordinator oversees the core activities of EGH. Every 6 months, new EGH Coordinator is appointed, ensuring a fresh perspective and new approach to the organization’s activities. Calls for this position are opened bi-annually, in August and in January.

Joining EGH as a Coordinator presents a valuable opportunity for personal and professional growth. It serves as a chance to expand your network, enhance both technical and communication skills and, play a leading role in disseminating environmental awareness. The coordinator conducts various events and seminars focusing on contemporary environmental issues and provides a collaborative space for students and professionals to network.

Currently, Ms. Suvekchhya Tuladhar, a graduate in Natural Resources Management from the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand) is entitled to the position.


EGH has been mentored by one of the governing board members of Resources Himalaya Foundation, Ms. Patanjali Yonzon Shrestha (Treasurer), Dr Gauri Shankar Bhandari (Research Coordinator) and  Ms. Archana Singh (Program Officer).

EGH Activities

Core EGH activities include the following:

  1. Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum (PYCF)

PYCF is a monthly initiative co-organized by RHF and EGH. Established in 2012, this program honors the memory of RHF’s late founder, Dr. Pralad Yonzon. PYCF’s are hosted on the first Friday of each month and has two objectives; to offer expertise and insights from distinguished professionals in various fields and to provide a platform that encourages meaningful discussions and active engagements between participants and professionals.

  1. Training Programs

EGH frequently conducts training sessions targeted to those aspiring to excel in environmental and conservation professions.

  • GIS Training
  • Data Analysis (R, SPSS, Excel)
  • Research Based-Wildlife Training
  • Thesis/Proposal Writing
  • Initial Environment Examination Training(IEE)
  1. Outreach

As part of our commitment to fostering environmental awareness and action, EGH regularly organizes outreach programs targeting schools, especially timed with significant global awareness days. Through these interactions, we aim to bridge the gap between the academic world and real-world environmental challenges.

  1. Seminars/Talk Programs

To mark significant environmental awareness days, EGH organizes seminars and talk programs, professionals from the environmental and conservation sectors come forward to share their rich experiences. Highlighting pivotal issues, these experts provide attendees with a comprehensive view of the challenges and opportunities in the realm of environmental conservation.

EGH Alumni

The details of EGH alumni is enlisted as shown in the table:

Full Name Email Address     Expertise Comments
Ms Sangita Maharjan (2009) sangitamaharjan1@gmail.com Galkopakha, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal Preparation of IEE/EMP of irrigation projects
Mr Bhuwan Dhakal (2009) bhuwandhakal@outlook.com Dallas, Texas, USA Human Wildlife Conflict; Recreation, Parks, and Tourism, Statistics, GIS https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Bhuwan_Dhakal
Ms Kanchan Ojha (2011) kanchanojha@gmail.com Corvallis, Oregon, USA Conducting Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys, Data analysis, Monitoring & Evaluation, Writing: Reports and Policy briefs on Environment, Conservation and Policy Issues.
Mr Raju Jati (2012) rajujati@gmail.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Climate Smart Agriculture, Climate Resilient Village, Vulnerability Risk Assessment, Disaster Risk Reduction, Policy Advocacy, Social Mobilization, LAPA, LDRMP & LDCRP Preparation and Implementation, Proposal Development, Project Planning and Management
Ms Medinee Prajapati (2012) medineeprajapati@gmail.com Gatthaghar, Bhaktapur Master in Environment Science (Mountain Environment) and Working on Environment and Social Safeguard Issues.
Ms Anju Rana (2013) rana.anju55@gmail.com Sydney, Australia Wetlands, Climate Change, Ecosystem Metabolism
Ms Meena Bohara (2014) meena.bohara44@yahoo.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Ecology (Forest; Soil; Litter Decomposition; Plant and Soil Nutrient) https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Meena_Bohara
Mr Biraj Shrestha (2014) thepristinewoods@gmail.com Nepal; Hetauda Wildlife Conservation and Management, Freshwater Biodiversity Research and Monitoring, IUCN Red List Assessment, Community Engagement; Environmental Policy, Road Ecology, Science Communication, and Project Management www.birajshrestha.com; https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Biraj_Shrestha2
Ms Upama K C (2014) upama.kc7@gmail.com Edmonton, Canada Soil Microbial Ecology, DNA/RNA, qPCR, sequencing, PLFA, R, Biogeochemistry, Aquatic Ecology https://www.linkedin.com/in/upama-k-c-6269b377/?originalSubdomain=ca
Mr Chitra Magar (2015) ragam.magar@gmail.com Nepal, Morang Water Engineering, Biodiversity, SPSS, GIS, Invasive Alien Species This is the link for Rapid Environment Assessment (REA 2015) conducted by our team.
Ms Rasmi Kunwar (2016-17 kun.rashmi@gmail.com Norway, Oslo Ecology and Evolutionary Science
Ms Binita Pandey (2017) binita.p862@gmail.com Town Planning-8, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal  Entomology.  Research on Bumblebees and Honey bees in Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park, Godawari Botanical Garden and Nagarkot Hill with the fund from Auckland Zoo https://www.aucklandzoo.co.nz/news/whats-the-buzz-on-nepals-bumblebee
Ms Bandana Adhikari (2018) bandanaadhikari8@gmail.com Oslo, Norway  Master’s in Applied Ecology
Ms Anjana Suwal (2019) anjum.suwal@gmail.com Bhaktapur, Nepal Solid waste management including Hospital Waste Management
Climate Change: CDM projects

Write to: EGH Coordinator, Conservation Chautari, Naya Bato, Sanepa Ring Road.

Telephone: 01-5537502

Mail Us :  egh.resourceshimalaya@gmail.com

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