Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum – 62

  • By: resources_himalaya
  • September 26, 2017

Pralad Yonzon Conservation Forum – 62

Event Held Date : 2017-09-26

For the 62nd series of PYCF, we had invited Prof Dr Justin Brookes, Department Head of Ecology and Environmental Science from the University of Adelaide. The program started with the welcome note and brief introduction of speaker by Ms Binita Pandey, EGH coordinator. Dr Brookes had his presentation on title “The Impact of Forestry on Wetlands in South East of South Australia”. He started his presentation describing water allocation policy as one of the tool for economic development and environmental benefits and also emphasized in consideration on groundwater, ecosystems, land use transition and climate for the policy development along with the factors affecting the ground water and wetlands. Dr Brookes concluded his talk, highlighting the withdrawn of standing water by forests and salinity as a major factor affecting the wetlands. The program ended with closing remarks by Dr Dinesh Raj Bhuju, the General Secretary of Resources Himalaya Foundation who also handed token of love to our guest speaker.


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